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    Traditional Recip Training
A traditional classroom and flight learning environment is used for this option. Digital eTraining may be brought into the lecture portion of this training, but the primary method of instruction for this option will be a classroom presentation using a lecture and power point presentation method. This method is ideal for multiple pilots or pilots requiring individual attention to particular pilot needs or customized programs. This option will be used in all Initial Training requirements for both the PC-12 Legacy and NG aircraft. Initial programs will be normally four days in length and include up to ten hours of flight in the owners aircraft.

Cost for the On-site Refresher and Initial Training is $1,895 and $4,000 respectively plus expenses for travel, food, and lodging.

Multiple client discounts available. Course prices do not include personal expenses for travel, lodging, or meals.

58P Baron RCAS

Aerostar RCAS

Cessna C-340 RCAS

Cessna C-402 RCAS

Cessna C-414 RCAS

Cessna C-421 RCAS

Cessna P-210 RCAS


Navajo RCAS

Piper PA-46 RCAS
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