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PC-12 Legacy RCAS
Ground and Flight Training with a visiting Authorized RCAS Company Instructor Pilot. Digital E-Training is used for the ground school, but may be augmented by individual instructor material. Normal course time for this option is one to one and half days depending on the needs of the client. This option will meet all aviation underwriters’ approval criteria for PC-12 Refresher Training.

Pricing for both PC-12 Legacy or NG Aircraft On-site Refresher Training is $1,895 & Initial Personal Instructor Training is $4,000, plus any expenses the Authorized Ron Cox Aviation Services Instructor may incur upon his travels to your location.

A discount for multiple training is available. Course prices do not include personal expenses for travel, lodging, or meals.

Any Miscellaneous Expenses or Fees will be invoiced post completion of the course(s).
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