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Ron Cox is a Chief Instructor and has been a pilot for over 50 years.

His aviation career started as an Army pilot flying helicopters in 1968 and continued until his retirement from the military in 1985. He flew a combat tour in Vietnam from 1969-1970 and accumulated 1100 hours of mission time during that period. After his combat tour, Ron flew a variety of military and civilian aircraft at various duty stations during his service.
  • 1988 Ron joined Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach, FL as an instructor and Manager
  • Director of Sales at Simcom Training Centers in Orlando, FL in 1990
  • In 1992 Ron founded, developed, and operated Aviation Training Management, Inc. (ATM)
  • Sold ATM in 2006 and remained company as Senior Instructor until 2009
  • Established Ron Cox Aviation Services, LLC (RCAS) in 2009
  • Trains 200+ Pilots Annually
  • 2009 RCAS established "Ground School", Online Classroom Training and Testing (formerly eTraining)
  • Owner, Consultant and Seller of hundreds of aircraft during aviation career
  • Specializes in pilot training for the PC-12,TBM 750/850, Meridian, Piper Jetprops, Single and Twin pressurized reciprocating aircraft

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