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Feel free to contact Ron Cox Aviation for questions related to Aircraft Flight Instruction. You may prefer to sign up and register for aircraft training over the phone or by e-mail. We understand you may have a few questions to ask before making a decision. This is very common, as choosing an aircraft instructor is a big decision. We are here for you. Our personal and thorough approach to aircraft instruction is the best method of Initial and Refresher Instruction. Our instuctors commit themselves to you, or students every step of the way.

You may contact Ron Cox Aviation by phone or by e-mail at anytime. A Representative will reply within a short time frame.

Phone: 772.538.1965

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
Online Registration is simple. Visit the "Aircraft Training" section and choose between the three types of training, "Online Training" (formerly eTraining), Online with Flight Training, or "Traditional Recip or Turboprop Training". Add the Aircraft course, and number of students to your cart and then continue to checkout. Upon checkout an account "Username & Password" is necessary, it will permit you to log-in and access your Online Training Account and Aircraft Courses.

Do I need insurance?
No, if you are taking the on-line course only. If you are exercising the flight option as part of the Initial or Refresher Training then a copy of the aircraft’s Certificate of Insurance (COI) and an additional insured endorsement naming RCAS as the additional insured for the period of training will be required before any in-aircraft training takes place.

What are my aircraft options?
If flight is part of your aviation insurance underwriter’s requirement for your insurance coverage, RCAS offer two options. One, a combination of "Online Training" as "Ground School" and "Flight Training". Ground training accomplished by the Online Training module and a qualified in Aircraft Instructor. Two, use of legacy on-site training by a fully qualified insurance approved aircraft flight instructor. Training is conducted on-site using a lecture based ground school and insurance approved flight syllabus.

Can more than one person train at the same time?
Yes, multiple pilots may train on the e-training or flight options. Course discounts are offered for multiple pilots training concurrently.

What expenses are not included in training?
Expenses for the instructor conducting the training on-site are travel, meals, and lodging in addition to published training prices.

What is the difference between "Online Training" (sometimes referred to as: e-training)" and "Legacy On-Site Training?"
Ground school Online Training is computer/web based program that can be accessed/accomplished at the pilots own pace and time. Legacy ground training is traditional based training conducted at a client’s location using a traditional aircraft insurance approved flight instructor and a lecture method of training for the ground school and insurance approved flight syllabus.

Will an instructor come to my location to train?
Yes, an insurance and aircraft approved instructor can conduct this training on site. Only additional expenses will be for travel, meals, and lodging will be added to the published price of the course.

How long does it take to complete a "Online Training" course?
This depends on the type of course selected and the pace of the Participant. Online Training courses can be completed in as little as 12 hours if the pilot is current and knowledgeable in their aircraft systems and flight operations. All participants have up to sixty days to complete the Online Training and Legacy flight training. On-site training is normally completed in two to four days depending on the type of programs being provided.

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