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How do I register?
Do I need insurance?
What are my Aircraft options?
Can more than one person train at the same time?
What expenses are not included in training?
What is the difference between "Ground School,eTraining", and "Legacy On-site Training"?
Will an instructor come to my hometown for training?
How long does it take to complete a course?

Contact Ron Cox Aviation
Feel free to contact Ron Cox Aviation for any reason. You may prefer to sign up and register for aircraft training over the phone or by e-mail, or you may have a few questions to ask before making a decision.
This is very common, as choosing an aircraft instructor is a big decision. We are here for you. Our personal and thorough approach to aircraft instruction is the best method of learning to fly. Our instuctors commit themselves to you, or students every step of the way.

You may contact Ron Cox Aviation by phone or by e-mail at anytime.
A Representative will reply within a short time frame.

For Sales and Aircraft Technical Questions Phone: 772.538.1965   l   E-mail:

For Web site and eTraining Questions Phone: 772.532.5735   l   E-mail:

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Ron Cox is shown in the photo above.

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