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Traditional and Recip eTraining
Online Courses Include all facets related to aircraft systems and procedures modules. Learn how to fly properly using a multimedia interactive experince. Chapter Quizzes and a Final Test is included. Achieve your Ground School requirements and you will receive a course completion certificate. Meets many aviation underwriter’s approval for Refresher Training.

Course Fundamentals:
eTraining allows the client to learn at his or her pace. RCAS eTraining programs allow the client sixty days to complete either the ground, flight, or both portions of the training, depending on which training option is selected. The eTraining ground program allows the pilot to learn and review his or her knowledge as regards to each aircraft system or procedure for his or her aircraft. The learning is uniform and standardize throughout the course, but ample opportunities exist to expand the pilot’s knowledge base; if questions arise from the course content. All eTraining courses plus flight options provide the client with cost effective standardize training options. The client knows what he is getting before the purchase. All costs and course objectives are stated before the purchase, not after.

What You Get:
Well thought out ground training, whether electronic or by traditional standard lecture method, specific in-flight training meeting aviation insurance standards to include a Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check, if pilots meets the standard proscribed by his or hers level of pilot certification; and course completion certificate showing the pilot has meet all course standards for completion. All of the above training items are cost effective and flight proficiency enhancing for you, the pilot, to be a safer more proficient pilot for yourself, friends, and family.

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Free Course Demonstration:
The eTraining demonstration provides a quick glance and overview of a Ron Cox Aviation eTraining course. This demonstration provides a sample of interactive diagrams, aircraft specific content, practice quizzes, visual representations, photography, video, and operational tips. If you have any questions prior to enrolling by registering online, feel free to call (772) 538-1965 and speak with a Ron Cox Aviation Service representative, you may also ask us any questions via the "contact us" section.

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