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RON COX AVIATION Online Training is perfect for pilots that wish to fulfill "Ground School" instruction remotely for specific Recip and Jetprop Aircraft, but may not have access to classes or an local Instructor. Already have an account with RCAS? Log-in here.

Participants in the RCAS Online School learn all facets related to the Aircraft in detail. Each course is presented in interactive chapters of the various systems with quizzes at the end of each chapter. Particpants can study and test remotely and at their own pace for 60 days from the initial sign up date. Upon completion of the course, a Final Exam is available online. A Certificate of Completion of "Ground School" will be presented to Particpants that successfully finish the course and pass the Final Exam.

Online Graduates of the RCAS Online Training have the option to continue Flight Training with Ron Cox Aviation simply by contacting RCAS by phone or email and then scheduling the training session.

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Additional Information regarding RON COX AVIATION ONLINE TRAINING
RCAS developed Online Training courses for particular types of aircraft, they include basic and advanced concepts on all the major aircraft sub-systems. Included in Online Training course will be flight and maintenance operational tips that will expand your knowledge and operational skills in flying and maintaining your aircraft. Sub-modules of the online courses will have both operational limitations for the system and emergency scenarios to test your understanding of how best to operate and maintain your aircraft and piloting skills. Each chapter provides a thorough learning experience and is equipped with both a end of chapter and course examinations. Each Online Training course meets or exceeds the major aviation underwriters requirement for knowledge based learning and understanding of your aircraft systems. Each e-learning module charts and documents your learning experience during the course. Though no documentation is shared with any outside source, you’re learning experience is codified for future follow on training scenario's be they in flight or further ground training.

The Online Training demonstration provides a quick glance and overview of a Ron Cox Aviation Online Training course. This demonstration provides a sample of interactive diagrams, aircraft specific content, practice quizzes, visual representations, photography, video, and operational tips. If you have any questions prior to enrolling by registering online, feel free to call (772) 538-1965 and speak with a Ron Cox Aviation Service representative, you may review our "Frequently Asked Questions" via the "Contact Us" section.
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