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    eTraining and Flight Training
To meet many of the aviation underwriters requirement for full refresher training in the PC-12 legacy & NG series aircraft, and in flight portion training has to be conducted in addition to the eTraining digital ground school. The flight portion requires a one day in-aircraft training flight that can be accomplished at the client's home base or at a coordinated location where the flight training can be accomplished. Flight training will include pre and post flight discussion and evaluations. Flight portion of training will be conducted by a RCAS instructor to include emergency procedures, stalls, MOR operations, IPC and FR flight requirements. Upon conclusion of the flight portion of the training completion certificate will be awarded along with IPC and FR endorsements, if requirements are met during the flight portion of the training. Cost of the eTraining and flight only Refresher option is $1,895 plus expenses for travel, food, and lodging.

Initial and Refresher Course training does not include expenses for travel, lodging and meals. Multiple client discounts available.

PA-46 Meridian eTraining & Flight

PC-12 Legacy eTraining & Flight

PC-12 NG eTraining & Flight
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