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Meridian 500 Aircraft Instruction
Experience Ground and Flight Training with an Authorized RCAS Company Instructor Pilot. In a classroom, "Ground School" is taught using a combination of Powerpoint Presentations, Aircraft Walk-arounds, Online Training with Quizzes and an Online Final Exam.

Particpants can study and test remotely and at their own pace for 60 days from the initial sign up date. Upon completion of the course, a Final Exam is available online. A Certificate of Completion of "Ground School" will be presented to Particpants that successfully finish the course and pass the Final Exam.

The second half of the Aircraft Training is in flight.
For more information View our Course Syllabus.

Pricing for the On-site Refresher Training is $1,895 & Initial Personal Instructor Training is $5,000, plus any expenses the Authorized Ron Cox Aviation Services Instructor may incur upon his travels to your location.

1. Prices do not include expenses for travel, meals, or lodging.
2. Additional days of training add $700 per diem plus expenses.
3. Glass cockpit aircraft add $500 to initial quoted price with the exception of the PC-12 NG, PC-12 NGX, TBM 850, G1000, TBM 900/910/930/940 and Meridian 500/600 prices have been adjusted.
4. Multiple pilot discounts available for all courses.
5. Any Miscellaneous Expenses or Fees will be invoiced post completion of the course(s).

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