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Traditional and Recip eTraining
Online Courses Include all facets related to aircraft systems and procedures modules. Learn how to fly properly using a multimedia interactive experince. Chapter Quizzes and a Final Test is included. Achieve your Ground School requirements and you will receive a course completion certificate. Meets many aviation underwriter’s approval for Refresher Training.

Available eTraining Courses:
PC-12 Legacy
PC-12 NG, PA-46 Meridian
King Air C-90

* Pricing may vary.

Sales, Mentoring and Consulting Services
Ron understands the needs of individual aircraft owners, because he is one. His qualifications and experience gives him a unique perspective on the ever-changing aviation market. He believes that matching the right aircraft to the pilot's capabilities and/or the company's needs adds safety, efficiency, and ownership satisfaction.

Transitioning to more advanced pressurized and turbine aircraft can be daunting. RCAS's mentoring programs offer a seamless, uncomplicated methodology that helps pilots and companies both before and after the purchase of these more advanced aircraft. We can turn the most complicated aviation requirements into a single-source, economical, turnkey operation that can be completed within a minimum of time.

Aircraft Ground School and Legacy Training
Ron Cox Aviation Services, LLC (RCAS) became operational in 2009 and trains over 200 pilots yearly. The company specializes in pilot training for the PC-12,TBM 750/850, Meridian, and Piper Jetprops. In addition,
Ron continues to instruct in a variety of single and twin pressurized reciprocating aircraft and acts as a consultant for aircraft sales and operation to individuals and organizations.

RCAS's training program's curriculum includes aircraft systems, avionics, low and high-profile performance operations, and emergency procedures. Instructors at RCAS train pilots to proficiency. The specific hours
listed in the syllabuses are only guidelines. Pilot judgement and demonstrated proficiency determines the the completion of the courses. All major aviation insurance underwriters
have approved RCAS's courses.

Unlike many aviation teaching professionals, Ron has first-hand experience as an owner and seller of many aircraft during his forty-four year aviation career. He understands the complexities of aircraft purchasing, ownership, and sales from his real-life experience.

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